Inspiracion para escribir

Si estás en esa etapa en la que el vaso parece vacío, aquí se muestran algunas gotas que pudieran llenar ese espacio.


Procrastinating Writers

  • The 6 Literary Forces Every Writer Must Master
    You may be aware of what’s becoming widely known as the “six core competencies of storytelling.” These core competencies, as defined by my go-to fiction-writing guru, Larry Brooks (of, are: Concept Character Theme Structure Scenes Voice But what you’re probably not aware of are the six literary forces that raise those core competencies to […]
  • How To Crowdfund Your Book
    By Justine Schofield of Pubslush Crowdfunding. Ever heard of it? If not, let me introduce you. Crowdfunding is a means for artists and entrepreneurs to mitigate financial risk by raising funds for their projects. Think of it like Kickstarter for books. And now you may be wondering… How Can Crowdfunding Be Used By Writers? If you’re a […]
  • How To Cure Writer’s Block Using Photos
    Staring at a blank white screen can make a writer, or any person for that matter, go entirely mad. The pressure to fill the empty document with letters and characters that combine to form insightful words and witty dialogue, makes me stray from my writing, pushing it to the side as I waste time on […]
  • A Clever Way To Give A Story Hidden Depth
    How do you add a third dimension to a story so it appears ‘real’? One way is to set it in a real location and drop in a wealth of authentic minutia. That location is real so the story must be too! A more subtle technique is to suggest that our characters exist in another […]
  • How To Write An eBook—Plus An Invitation
    Writing an eBook is one of those amazing ways us writers can use our writing talents and the knowledge in our noggins for the greater good of the world. We can gift the world with our words. Unlike novels, which are works of fiction, eBooks are typically non-fiction books that focus on a specific topic. […]
  • When Should You Raise Your Prices as a Freelancer?
    Setting your own rates as a freelancer can be both empowering and worrisome: How much should I charge? At what point does the level of my experience warrant an increase in what I charge? Will my clients be unhappy if I increase my rates? What do I do if I increase my rates and some clients are […]
  • 4 Motivational Tactics For Putting Words On The Page
    Every writer—no matter how big or small, experienced or inexperienced, prolific or scarce—has those moments when they struggle to see beyond the empty page in front of them, and when just about anything in the world seems a more attractive alternative to sitting down to write. To borrow from a famous quote, the case could […]
  • 11 Ways to Solve Your Writing Procrastination Problem
    You can read this post tomorrow. Then tomorrow you will think that you might as well read it the next day, and so on. You’re a procrastinator. You procrastinate with almost everything in your life. You wait ’til the last minute for everything. And you can only change that, if you change yourself and your way […]
  • Write Drunk, Edit Sober: A Guide to Writing Epic Shit
    Writers are finicky, troublesome creatures.  If it isn’t one issue hindering our writing, it’s another. Since there are numerous problems that plague us, this post must obviously address more than one tribulation. So here it is.  Let’s get you to actually accomplish something, make your writing totally epic, and tie the whole thing up with […]
  • 5 Techniques For Attracting Readers To Your Blog
    This is a guest post from Sue Ellen Rogers A lot of people love to blog. Unfortunately, it is difficult for a typical blogger to attract readers. Luckily, there are a few steps any blogger can take to ensure they attract a loyal band of followers. Here are five helpful techniques to attract readers — […]